This blog will be featuring a fair few things, mainy about astral travel, spirit work, and spirit companionship.¬†Please keep in mind that everyone’s experience on the Astral is completely different, so these posts should be taken as a guide instead of end all knowledge. Talking about spirit work and spirit companionship, it will be about ¬†meeting spirits in the astral and through companionship. This is a guide and an experience to help with a better understanding of ourselves and of the Spirit World/Astral World.

Working on the Astral

There are many different version of what exactly the Astral is, but most can agree that it is the conglomeration of different planes, realms, and dimensions. They can overlap our own Earthly/Physical Plane, or they can be far from it. A good example of how the Astral can work, is much like the Nordic Nine Realms. They are all a part of one large system, but they are separate from one another. It is much the same way with the Astral, many planes and realms overlap. It is much different for the dimensions, as they are located at a much greater distance from the first two. Some may see it this way, some may see it as a completely different manner. Everyone experiences things differently and sees the Astral with their eyes.

The Astral itself is comprised of many different layers and things within those. Most that travel the astral find themselves coming into contact with different spirits that include creatures, beings, and those not known to man.

Spirit Companionship

Spirit Companionship is the practice of welcoming spirits into your home. People who practice Spirit Work are able to use this term as well, due to that it is the same practice. The difference lies in that those who practice Companionship do so with the use of vessels. Vessels acts as telephones for spirits/entities in order for them to communicate with the human realm better. It is also the practice of bringing in spirits/entities into the home from shops that help match you with a spirit. There will be many posts about this for a more in depth look at what exactly the practice is, but that is the main concept of it. It’s a mutual relationship¬†between a person and a spirit through the use of vessels as a communication device.